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The Fundamental History Of Marijuana In The US

For epics, many people have used marijuana in the US and the plant has been legalized today and there is need for you to get acquainted with the history of the use in the US. Today, many people are learning about marijuana d they are always wondering why now and what has brought about the rapid change. This blog will enable you get acquainted with the history of marijuana in the US.

In the 1500s, marijuana was traced with the Spaniards and they used to grow both hemp and marijuana for other purposes and never for the medicinal benefit. For instance, the hemp was literally used for the development or creation of ropes. Although, there were some countries or regions that understood the power of marijuana as a painkiller.

The civil war era was filled with persons who acknowledged the medical power of marijuana and this led to the use of the plant as a treatment. Therefore, doctors in this time could use marijuana to avail treatment to mentally ill and emotionally disturbed persons. The more one attested to have an extreme mental illness, the higher the quantity of marijuana administered. There were also other uses and many people used marijuana to help deal with their inability to sleep, pain and even loss or low appetite. The prescription of marijuana for almost all health treated conditions progressed up to the 20th century where people started to develop some attitude towards it.

It was in the 1930s following the great migration of Mexicans to the US that marijuana gained stamina and became famous in the streets due to the use of marijuana by these Mexicans as a recreational drug. This led to the drug being termed disastrous and a great threat to the American children and parents were always in fear of their children and the harm the drug could do. It is during this time that marijuana was made illegal and where one was found using it or possessing it could serve a severe and intense jail sentence. The jail time was increased in 1950s to ten years and cone could even get fined from $15,000. A decade down the line, things had started softening as studies were conducted and a person was only subjected to a punishment and never a fine or a jail sentence.

Majority of the states has legalized marijuana today. The medical benefits are immense and they help people maintain good health at all times. There are so many ways through which marijuana is used and therefore, one will always have options to choose from.