Proper Ventilation Can Make the Indoor Air Fresher

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In order to keep the air inside a home fresh, there has to be an effective system in place to ventilate the living space. During the spring and early fall months, homeowners might do this naturally by opening windows and utilizing fans and shutters to move stale air out and fresh air in. In the summer and winter, when windows are more likely to be closed due to extreme outdoor weather, a mechanical method is used.

Signs of Poor Ventilation

It might be difficult for a person who lives in a home to recognize the problem but when a guest enters the home, the stale smell in the air is obvious. Anyone who feels like they need to open a window to allow fresher air into the house when the furnace or central air conditioner is running needs to talk to an HVAC technician about their ventilation.

A home without proper venting will tend to be more dusty than normal. Poor air quality in the home could also lead to or worsen health problems like allergies and asthma. People who suffer from these conditions might start to feel better right away as soon as the system is repaired.

Moisture Control

Ventilation also controls moisture inside a home. When an attic or crawlspace isn’t properly ventilated, the moisture could cause the wood to rot and mold to form in places that aren’t easily visible to the homeowner. By the time a family knows they have these problems, correcting them will be very expensive and time-consuming. This kind of problem could be avoided by having the insulation inspected periodically to ensure it’s dry. Wet insulation is a sign of a problem with the way the space is ventilated.

Ventilation is one area of expertise for HVAC professionals. These are the people who service air conditioners and furnaces. Families that have questions about the way the air is circulating in their home should talk to their HVAC technician the next time they come to clean their unit. Ideally, homeowners should be having preventive maintenance two times every year — once for the air conditioner in the spring and again for the furnace in the fall.



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